Strymon Ola dBucket Chorus and Vibrato Pedal


The Strymon Ola chorus and vibrato pedal covers a wide range of sonic territory, from barely there studio stereo richness to classic milkshake-y pedal chorus and ping-ponged vibrato, to add new textures to your arrangements. Each of these three effects types can be used in any of three modes for a traditional or an interactive experience: an Envelope mode that lets you control speed and depth with your natural playing dynamics, and a Ramp mode that lets you add after-effects to chords with an adjustable ramp-up speed. Experience studio-quality digital stereo chorus and vibrato right from your pedalboard with the Strymon Ola.

Strymon Ola Stereo Chorus/Vibrato Pedal at a Glance:

  • Two types of chorus plus vibrato to add stereo thickness to your sounds
  • Three modes to bring you new sonic textures
  • Strymon: a philosophy of quality

Two types of chorus plus vibrato to add stereo thickness to your sounds

The Strymon Ola is as simple or complex as you make it. Standard controls like Speed, Depth, and Mix will have you dialing in bossy blue LFO chorus like you know from all your favorite records. Flipping down to Multi type engages a 3-phase chorus that pays tribute to famous studio rack chorus effects, without an LFO, for a smooth and natural sound. Finally, flipping down to Vibrato type dials in a rich, warbly, bucket brigade vibrato to add meat to your chords and leads.

Three modes to bring you new sonic textures

The Ola’s standard mode reacts as all your classic chorus pedals have before. But two innovative modes, Ramp and Envelope, will have you approaching your material with new tricks up your sleeve. Ramp mode lets you control the onset and release of the effect type by holding down the switch. This allows you to control when the effect takes hold and when it dies off, with a central control to adjust the ramp-up speed. Envelope mode adds faster, thicker chorus or vibrato as you play harder. This can most dramatically be heard when strumming chords, where the effect dies off smoothly with less and slower chorus for a natural Leslie-type response.

Strymon: a philosophy of quality

Strymon pedals are already an industry standard in professional-quality effects. Strymon is dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and, in their own words, making “gear that sounds better than anything you’ve ever heard.” The California-based company uses only the highest-quality components and powerful processors in their pedals. And each design offers more tweakable parameters than meets the eye for fine-tuning your tone. This construction and dedication to quality are the reasons Sweetwater is impressed with Strymon, and why you can find their pedals on the boards of professional musicians around the world.



  • Pedal Type:Chorus/Vibrato
  • Analog/Digital:Digital
  • Inputs:2 x 1/4″ (left, right)
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4″ (left, right)
  • Bypass Switching:True Bypass
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (included)
  • Height:1.75″
  • Width:4.0″
  • Depth:4.5″
  • Manufacturer Part Number:Z12A-5KCS


  • 3 distinct effect types to add new textures to your sound
  • Includes pedal chorus, studio rack chorus, and bucket brigade vibrato
  • Standard Depth and Rate controls let you dial in sound quickly
  • Mix control works like a wet/dry knob
  • 3 modes to give you new control of your effects
  • Ramp mode lets you control the onset and release of chorus/vibrato
  • Envelope mode lets you control depth and rate with your playing dynamics
  • Remains musical at just about any setting
  • Favorite switch lets you save and recall your go-to sound
  • Stereo ins and outs
  • 24-bit/96kHZ A/D/A conversion
  • Durable aluminum chassis
  • True bypass switching