Phil Jones Bass BG-120 Bass Cub Pro


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Phil Jones Bass BG-120 Bass Cub Pro 2 x 5-inch 120-watt Bass Combo Amplifier

Full-grown Tone from the Bass Cub Pro

The BG-120 Bass Cub Pro from Phil Jones Bass is the precision-playing, compact combo that’s leaving bassists all over Sweetwater speechless. Inside and out, the Bass Cub Pro unearths remarkable stomp and glide across a huge range of tones, courtesy of PJB’s exclusive lab-engineered Chrome-Dome speaker design and sprawling 5-band EQ. With an imposing 120 watts RMS onboard and up to 240 watts RMS when stacked, it’s safe to say that there's more to the BG-120 than stunning tone. What this combo supplies in superior sound and power is also on par with its player practicality and impressively fortified chassis. Its compact blueprints, Baltic birch framework, kickstand, and multi-orientation design promise effortless operation for a multitude of applications yet only scratch the surface of this combo’s supreme versatility

Astonishing speaker tone

The voice of the Bass Cub Pro is the result of meticulous development within the PJB sound lab. The proprietary Chrome-Dome technology treatment of both 5-inch speakers offers numerous sonic improvements, including an increase in cone acceleration, dynamic range, and headroom, with vastly reduced harmonic distortion to boot. What does that mean for your bass tone? It means maximum clarity at all volumes and swift navigation of all tonal frequencies, promising professional-grade performance like few other bass combos can supply. Oh, and its massive 120-watt power amplifier section makes the Bass Cub Pro the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing!


Delight in the details

This single-channel combo is arrayed for detailed tonal sculpting and precision accommodation for your bass of choice. Select Active or Passive operation to match your bass, level the input signal, and then begin shaping your ideal tone with a colossal 5-band equalizer offering Lo-Bass, Hi-Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, and Treble controls. Each dial presents a boost/cut range of +/-18dB, delivering plenty of room to curate bass tones that speak in the exact voice you crave. An FX Send and Return connection stands by to integrate your pedals or personal preamps of choice with confidence, while a neighboring Mix control enables detailed ratios of those Dry and Wet signals. And, of course, the enormous Master Volume dial will handle the rest.


Crafted for connections

Connecting some tuneage for better jams? An Auxiliary input with a dedicated Volume control quickly plays host for phones and music players, plus the nearby headphone jack is great for instantly switching to low-volume sessions when required. Out the back of the unit, a pair of speakON connections means adding the Bass Cub Pro to an 8-ohm extension cabinet for more power is a breeze. You can also connect to PJB cabinets like the C2, C4, or C8, and monitors like the PJB Ear Box. A balanced and ground lift-equipped XLR socket with a pre/post-EQ-switchable line output rounds out this combo’s top-tier functional versatility.


Tough, tactile build

Exceptional sound, detailed functionality, and capable connections are nothing without the proper build quality to back it up. The Bass Cub Pro’s heavy-duty frame is constructed of Baltic birch, shelled in Tolex, and reinforced with heavy chromed steel corners, making this combo a true road warrior. At the base, a kickstand offers instant tilting to supply greater projection when needed, while a total of eight rubber feet afford bassists the choice between side-by-side and stacked speaker orientation. Topped with machined aluminum knobs and an extra-comfy leather carrying handle, the protective convenience of the Bass Cub Pro leaves little to the imagination.

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